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The tenant's agreement

- I will always pay the owner $425 on the first of every month for 12 months.

- I will keep the apartment clean.

- I will respect the other people who live in the apartment and in the building.

- I will always do my dishes right after cooking.

- During winter, I will walk without my shoes / boots in the apartment.

- I am the only person to occupy the room that I am renting.

- I use the washer and dryer only for my personal needs.

- After 11 p.m., I make sure I keep quiet.

- I don't hold any parties in the apartment.

- I am responsible for anything I break.

- When there is a problem, I immediately contact the owner.

- If I do not wish to renew my lease, I will notify my landlord three months before

  the end of the lease.

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